Monday, March 29, 2010

VWO Mexico

(Pastor Salvador leading a band)

Hello From Mexico! On Saturday I was priveleged enough to go to one of our baby churches in Mexico City. This church is ran by Pastor Salvador and they recently finished building their church building. The church is located in one of Mexico City´s poorest, hardest, sinful areas in town and as we all know thats where Victory World Outreach likes be!

Tonight we were having a concert. The other church from Mexico City was bringing a couple bands to rock the place out and support the new baby church. As a result there were over 40 visitors! Many people gave their testimonies and I am still always amazed by what God has done in so many lives around the world. One lady didn´t have any kidneys and the doctors told her every two days that she only had 48 hours to live - 6 years later she is still alive! God is good! At the end they did a 20 minute long drama - I know it was funny because people were crying laughing. Then when they were wrapping up the drama and the cast was about to get saved the pastor turned around and had everyone in the place bow their heads and close theirs eyes. 3 minutes later over 60 people were down at the altar giving their lives to Christ!

I was so amazed to see a church so far from Colorado doing EXACTLY what we do! God is still in the miracle business and we are on fire!

Pray for the churches here! Its a rough city but we have the mightiest weapon! Here is a list of the three pastors I met that we need to pray for, I will add the others as soon as I know their names and cities!

Mexico City:
Pastor Fuentes and family

Pastor Salvador and family

Xalpa (pronounced halapa):
Pastor Efrain and family

My mom and the Fuentas family singing their hearts out

The church from the up stairs prayer room

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Youth Service

A lot of people were in Brighton tonight for the play Broken, but youth service was still awesome :)

Collins led song service tonight, doing a good job.

Final Word Productions performed a skit about finding the right key to the door to Heaven - the only way to get to Heaven is through Jesus Christ!

Tyler preached on "Knowing Satan's Will for Your Life." Of course, God has a plan for all of our lives, but the devil tries to sneak into our hearts and ruin God's plan. We have to diligently guard our hearts everyday and stay aware that the devil will attempt to destroy God's plan for us. The Bible says that "little foxes spoil the vine," meaning that we need to guard our hearts from even the little things that seem harmless, including what we watch on TV and think about. We need to bring every thought into captivity. We also need to be sure that we are producing fruit in our lives, because if we are not, the devil will come in that way because we are not changing or growing. Spiritual barrenness leads to spiritual blindness. This sermon was great, and definitely right on time for me, and I'm sure for others too, because a lot of people went down to the altar.

Friday, March 26, 2010


okay so now taylor l. has correctly answered number 5! 2,6,7 still have to be answered by tuesday!

Bible Study Location

Just a reminder since it wasn't largely announced, that Bible Study will be at the Marshall's tonight. If you need directions, call Chantel @ 719.322.3071. See you there!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Youth Spotlight: Aaron K

My name is Aaron Knodel and I am thirteen years old. I have been coming to Victory World Outreach since I was about 3 or 4 years old. I grew up in a home that served the Lord, but I always took the Lord and church like it was a big joke, and I just messed around in church. The church showed a movie series called the Big 3 (about the rapture). After the second movie they showed, they pulled the alter call and I walked down and asked Jesus into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior. I have been saved for about 2 years and I'm on fire for the Lord.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tomorrow, You Heard Correctly

We are going to throw it down at the only place where a kid can be a kid, Chuck E. Cheese's. Be there to have fun, play games, enjoy spring break with friends, even eat some world class pizza if you'd like to get some. The time is 7:00, and we will be at the one next to the World Arena.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


the only correct answers so far is #4 given by brian and also #3 given by tim, keep trying to win one free item from the snack bar!

Happy Birthday


Monday, March 22, 2010


2. A man was to be sentenced, and the judge told him, "You may make a statement. If it is true, I'll sentence you to four years in prison. If it is false, I'll sentence you to six years in prison." After the man made his statement, the judge decided to let him go free. What did the man say?

3. You have a barrel of oil, and you need to measure out just one gallon. How do you do this if you only have a three-gallon container and a five-gallon container?

4. If your sock drawer has 6 black socks, 4 brown socks, 8 white socks, and 2 tan socks, how many socks would you have to pull out in the dark to be sure you had a matching pair?

5. What is broken every time it's spoken?

6. How did Mark legally marry three women in Michigan, without divorcing any of them, becoming legally separated, or any of them dying?

7. Mom and Dad have four daughters, and each daughter has one brother. How many people are in the family?

Riddle winner and answers

ok so taylor lofton is the only one who answered so she wins!!! here are the correct answers!

It was an encyclopedia containing the letters "HOW" through the letters "JOG"

35 customers. The numbers reversed are 31415926 and with a decimal they are 3.1415926, which is Pi, meaning the next number is 53, reversed to be 35.

A die

The human imagination

It can be either tomorrow or the future. Once its here it is no longer tomorrow but today. Its no longer the future but the present.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saturday Night Live

At youth last night we started with a drama from Final Word Production. It was about chosing the right friends because the wrong ones will lead you to Hell. Then we had a fun song service with Blake leading for the first time (and Taylor Lofton was a back up singer so kudoos to us!!). Mr. Tyler preached a sermon about friends and their influences on our lives. After the service we played a few very fun rounds of Snake in the Grass. Also on Sunday 21st we are having a fun night after pm service so bring a change of clothes and maybe a few bucks for some food.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Some of us on tv!

A group of us were downtown Monday afternoon witnessing, and we saw a camera and a reporter, so we went up hoping for something cool. The report was on diversity, Aaron was interviewed, and only four words made the cut. Nothing too exciting, but neat enough to put on the blog. Enjoy.

Blog a Picture

There is a website called "Wordle" that we use at work. It pretty shows you what your blog is about in a really cool lookin picture! I ran our blog through and this is what we got...spiffy eh?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Testimony time with Nic Lofton

Hi my name is Nic Lofton, I grew up in church and knew right from wrong. There's no excuse except for compromise that I fell into sin early, but my parents divorced when I was nine and that helped my downward spiral into Hell. With no more direct male Christian influence in my life I began a double-faced life and lived for Satan at school and God at church. Eventually I decided that serving my flesh was easier then serving God and went that way for a while. In 2007 I moved to my father's house and God really tested me. I didn't think I'd passed but my heart became softer through it all and I opened myself to God for the first real time in my life. At the '07 youth camp with Pastor Paul as the guest speaker, I decided I didn't want my heart or life's key to get imprinted with the wrong notches and gave my life to God. It was a struggle and took a whole year to give everything to God but at the '08 camp with Pastor Mario I was 100% broken and gave my heart and life 100% to God. Since then I started ushering, inherited a gift on the drums to give God glory and praise in youth and the band Exodus, and have seen God's hand move mightily through me at school and such places. God is great and the world is fake so I'm never going back.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Witnessing Tips #1

"How do I witness to someone I know, like a family member?"

For most of us, it is far easier to witness to a stranger than to someone we know and respect. An effective way to soften the message without compromise is to speak in the "first person" or in testimonial form. Say something like, "I didn’t realize that the Bible warns that for every idle word I have spoken, I will have to give an account on Judgment Day. I thought that as long as I believed in God and tried to live a good life, I would go to heaven when I died. I was so wrong. Jesus said that if I as much as looked with lust, I had committed adultery in my heart, and that there was nothing I could do to wash away my sins. I knew that if God judged me by the Ten Commandments on Judgment Day, I would end up guilty, and go to hell."

"It was when I acknowledged my sins that I began to understand why Jesus died. It was to take the punishment for my sins, and the sins of the world." Then, depending on the person’s openness, you may ask, "How do you think you will do on Judgment Day, if God judges you by the Ten Commandments?"

(Taken from "The Way Of The Master" Website)

Happy St.Patricks Day!

Paddy and Murphy was walking down the road when Paddy noticed a mirror on the floor. Paddy picked it up and looked into the mirror.

"I know this guy in the mirror" he said.

Murphy took the mirror off him and look at into the mirror and said "OF COURSE YOU KNOW WHO IT IS. ITS ME YOU DORK!"

Happy St.Patricks Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One Last Reminder...

Tomorrow is not just St. Patricks Day, but our deadline for your registration form AND $25 deposit for Pioneer Boot Camp. DO NOT FORGET.


riddle #1
Jenn picked a book off the highest shelf in her room. On the spine she read "How to Jog". She ran out of the room and opened the book but found it had absolutely nothing to do with jogging. What was the book about?

Riddle #2
A woman owns a shop and the first day she had 13 customers, the second day she had 14 customers, the third 95, and the fourth 62. Following the sequence, how many customers will she have tomorrow?

Eternally I am 1 to 6, Eternally I am 15 to 20, I am always 5, but I am never 21 unless I am flying. What am I?

Riddle #4
With no wings, I fly. With no eyes, I see. With no arms, I climb. More frightening than any beast, stronger than any foe. I am cunning, ruthless, and tall; in the end, I rule all. What am I?

Riddle #5
I never was, am always to be, no one ever saw me, nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all who live and breath on this terrestrial ball. What am I?

Monday, March 15, 2010


THE WINNER OF THIS WEEK IS JOEL YAAAAAAA!!!! ......hopefully no one is cheating and looking them up online God knows if you are !!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Night Fun

If you haven't been going to the bible study on Friday nights you are missing out!! On Friday the 12th we had so many praise reports, people were blessed with jobs, souls have been saved, and much more. Also, Mr. Tyler is going to be sending out an e-mail to everyone whose e-mail address he has about revivals that happened a while ago and we have to do research on them. Then on the next bible study we'll have a discussion about what we've learned, so check your e-mail and be ready!

6 Ways To Make Some Money!

So Pioneer Boot Camp is approaching fast and many of us are getting in panic mode "How am I going to get $225 before April 25th!?" I have listed a few ideas. But first let me just tell you, waiting around hoping that someone will sponsor you or just whining "I dont have the money" isnt the way to go. If you want money you ARE going to have to work for it. So instead of those Saturday morning cartoons or an after school nap get out there and work! I promise you when PBC comes, you will be glad you did!

1. Have a Garage Sale! - Yes that time is already here and you would be amazed at how much money a garage sale could bring in! Ask your aunts uncles cousins and neighbors if they have anything they dont want that they would offer to give and VWALLA. I wouldnt be suprised if this one idea brought in all your money!

2. Door To Door
- I know this can be discouraging but if you keep at it you might surprise yourself! If you are knocking and people keep saying "No there is nothing I have but thank you" then take a different approach maybe you can ask "I was wondering if you would like your car washed? I can also detail the inside for you if you would like me to" Or start with "Hello Sir, I am trying to raise some money so I can go to a church youth camp. I am a hard worker and would like to know if you have any odd jobs around that I could for a few bucks" (adding in a few bucks makes it more appealing and they might end up paying you more if you work really hard anyway!)

3. Craigslist
- For those who dont have cars this one might be a little tough. But i would still look to see if there are any odd jobs in your neighborhood that people need done! You would be suprised!

4. Baby sit
- Girls whether you like it or not this is a GREAT way to make a few extra bucks. Ask friends and family if they want a date night out and that youd be HAPPY to watch their brats...i mean cute little johnny and sue!

5. Sell Water
- Any of you like the incline? Garden of the Gods? If you can wake up early as well take a couple boxes of bottle water and sell them for $1.00

6. Popsicles, Ice Cream, Soda
- Saturday at memorial park could be a great way to sell some of these things at the park! If I think of more Ill post them on here...but theres a start! If you think of more please leave them in the comments!

Monday, March 8, 2010

February...We Had Fun!

February was filled with laughs, more laughs, and laughs so hard that we cried! Major highlights included the trip back from Cheyenne where well, the gas station got a little bit of a "thriller" if ya know what i mean - those striped tight, really tight pants that we are sure regan forgot, that definitely couldn't be missed, a super fun scavenger hunt WITH PRIZES, and really all around fun. The best part of it all...March is gonna be twice as grand! So have your bags packed and snacks ready cause our youth is always goin for a ride!

Heres a bit of what went on in pictures...

Weekly Riddles

ok i will start posting the weekly riddles whoever gets the most correct by saturday gets a prize at the snack table. GOOD LUCK!!!

Riddle #1
you are heading to a village and you come to a fork in the road. you do not know which way the village is but lucky for you there are 2 guys standing there. one always lies and one always tells the truth but you do not know which one is which, they do not want to help you so they will not lead you to it but they will allow you to ask ONE of them ONE question. what do you ask?

Riddle #2
If there are three cups of sugar and you take one away, how many do you have?

Riddle #3

What can travel around the world while staying in a corner?

Riddle #4

How can you put a giraffe in the fridge in 3 steps?

How can you put a elephant into the fridge in 4 steps?

There was a party in the jungle and all the animals were there but one wasn't - which animal was it?

There was a crocodile infested swamp - and these two hunters wanted to get across - how? (There was no boat or anything)

Something other than a map.

We Love Blog Comments! It keeps us going! Especially when they give us the opportunity to show off our wonderful youth! So Tim, as requested, something other than a map...thanks for the picture! :0)

And for everyone watching because tonight you will be blasted with some awesome blog posts and an abundance of pictures!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bible Study: Tyler & Shaunna

Here are directions to Tyler & Shaunna's house for Bible Study Friday night at 7:00. Believe me its great fun that you don't want to miss!

Hint: Under the map there is a button that says "Driving Directions" click on that and you can enter your address to get directions from your location. :0)