Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas EVE!

Yes... You got it right... it is chewed gum from 11 different people.

The delicious food provided by people from youth. (potluck)

The first place winner in the cake bake off- Elijah Marie!

Second place winner- Natalie and Daniella! (me)

Third place winner- Kristin Richardson!

Alainna's treasure inspired cake

The tays lovely snowman

esmi's candyland

W.O.B.= i believe its wesley oscar and brandon...? this is like a monster made out of reeses puffs, peanutbutter and chocolate cake

Priscillas sweet snowman cake :-)

This years annual youth Christmas party was a blast! There was games, food, cake and the revealing of our secret santas! the cake bake off was truly alot of fun... but the winners were chosen on appearance AND taste! The games we played included the.. well it doesn't really have a name.. it was more of a "Mold a sculpture out of the chewed gum of eleven people in your group" game. The second one was what I like to call "musical spoons of death." or in other words... well... you had to be there! It was so fun and i cant wait until next year! :-)


Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Movie Marathon

Hey teens, tonight is the night! Our annual Christmas Movie Marathon with fun, flicks, and food! It's from 5:30 to midnight (or earlier if you can't finish off the night). The address is 219 N. Race St. If you are coming, if you could bring some food to grub on throughout the night. Any questions, give one of the leaders a call.
Here is a link to copy and paste in your url for directions: