Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Random cat, eh. Okay, so this is my first blog post and I'm not sure if we have to use proper grammar or not. so im just not gonna :P . . . . Anyways. Does anyone hav like a quote that when u first read it u were like "that's so me". Cuz i sure do C: if ya do please share it.
These are mine:

"My room was clean. But then, I had to decide what to wear"

"I love questions on a test that give away answers to other questions on the test."

"Everything magically appears when mom looks for it.."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Taylor's riddles

Whoever answers all of these riddles right gets a free candy from the snack shack :) 1. You throw away the outside, cook the inside. Eat the outside and then throw away the inside. What did you eat? 2. What goes around the world but stays in a corner? 3. The man who invented it doesn't want it, the man who bought it doesn't need it, and the man who needs it doesn't know it. What is it? 4. Throw me off the highest building and I won't break but put me in water and I will. What am I?

Monday, April 4, 2011

So close!!!

*Sniffs the air* what do i smell you ask? Sweat...tears...anxiousness dripping from your foreheads at the announcement of where we all will be going for PBC! Payment is due this month on April 24th...which is a Sunday just so yo all know, and apparently my brother's birthday which i just now realized as i was typing this. (consider that a note to myself). Try to have your money in by then, if you are unable to, please talk to Tyler or Shaunna. (You would have gotten an image, but the site was being uncooperative)