Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back with a zeal!!!

We're home from PBC but don't just let it be a memory. God has moved not only in these churches but in us, so don't go back to the same old. Get involved! As Pastor J.B. told us the best way to fight the blues is to witness! So grab some tracks, share your testimony with friends, and don't let the fire burn out! God has so much planned for our generation so keep hanging on. Oh and we have outreach on Saturday to Greeley. Be at the church at 12:30! And bring money. See you there!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 2!!!!!

Well it's day 2 in PBC and today had to W.O.R.K! Us pplz in Arizona painted P. gregory's sunday school room and another room. I can tell you this, We will be cleaning paint off os us for WEEKS! haha. Had lots of fun! Can't wait for tomorrow!


Well..... i did not have a chance to talk about yesterday so that will be included in this anyways yesterday we were prepared to go in route to NM when things were REMIXED and we ended up going to pheonix,AZ which by the way was the longest drive of my life!!! We still had a good time though, today was our work day and we painted two rooms for Pastor Gregory then we were ordered to find a bum and bring them to lunch with us and witness to them!!! the guy we found got saved :) then later were ordered to pass out 200 flyers in 30min. by General P. Dustin. Cant wait for service tonight and the rest of this week!!!!!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


soooooooooo we were ready to head out to Albequrque,NM when everything got remixed and we were sent to Pheonix,AZ !! The only thing i was not ready for was the 13hr drive. even though it was the longest drive of my life I had fun. Now i could be wrong but i think we got the best hotel ;) (pics will be coming soon). Can't wait to see what the week has in store for all of us in pioneer bootcamp.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PBC fast

In case yall didnt know, we are doing a fast for PBC on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you can only skip a meal, then that is fine, but take time out to pray and read and really seek God out.

P.S. if you didn't know to fast, you can always carry it over to thursday.