Sunday, November 29, 2009


Monday, November 30th: No drama practice (No drama practice all month)

Tuesday, December 1st: No plans for the youth

Wednesday, December 2nd: Church, 7pm

Thursday, December 3rd: No plans for the youth

Friday, December 4th: Christmas movie marathon at Tyler and Shaunna's house, 5pm, please sign up

Saturday, December 5th: Parade of Lights, Our float is the best!!!


- Secret Santa gifts

- Kids Christmas play next Sunday

- "Major Daily's Christmas Homecoming" play on December 12th and 13th, 6pm

- No youth service or drama practice all month

- Youth Christmas party, December 19th

26 days till Christmas!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Is Anyone There?

We really need to get this blog read! Our blog team is putting many hours into these fun, querky posts weekly but I really don't want it to be in vain!

So just to see who is actually looking at this...

Everyone who leaves a comment on this post before 4:00 p.m. Saturday Nov.28th I will pay for half of any purchase you make at the snack bar (up to $1.00).

One comment per get goin, tell you friends, brother, and the chubby kid living next door!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

while searching for a few great thanksgiving jokes I quickly discovered that the joke writers break out the tackiest for this holiday!

if you know of some better ones PLEASE leave a comment!

what's the key to a great thanksgiving dinner?
the turKEY

why did they let the turkey join the band!
he had the drumsticks

how did the mayflower show it loved america?
it hugged the shore

can a turkey jump higher than the empire state building
yes- buildings can't jump :0)

and to all a happy thanksgiving from remnant youth!

Posted by ShoZu

Turkey Day Joke

Asked to write a composition entitled "What I am thankful for on Thanksgiving", little Johnny wrote: "I am thankful that I'm not a turkey."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Testimony: Taylor L

"When I was little it seemed like the devil was attacking me and my family really bad. When I was four, my parents fought every single day. Then when I was six my brother almost died, when I was seven my parents got divorced because my dad was unfaithful. When I was eight my dad got remarried. Then when I was twelve my dad and step mom almost got divorced because he was unfaithful again. I tried to stay strong but all that happened just pulled me down. I became rebellious and started cursing at school but I played the Christian game at church. I started to become depressed and contemplated suicide but there was something in me that told me to hold on; I know that it was God. At the 2008 youth camp[Life], God really touched my life and I got really saved. A couple weeks ago the devil tried get me again with stuff that was happening with my dad but i trusted God to hold me and keep me and I kept strong. I'm going all the way for God no matter what happens."
~Taylor L.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pueblo Outreach!!!!!!!

Daniella, Kristin, and Gabby before we left

Haha everyone in my van... This was a hard picture to get!
Kristin already asleep... before we left!
Arriving at their church


Headed for outreach

Chantel, Stephen, and Jordan

Oscar, Blake, Tim and Richard... Being weird...

Almost everybody who went

Kayla giving her testimony

WOOOOO!!!!!! GO CONNOR!!!!! (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong)
The rock so hard, they busted a whole in the drums!!!

Tim, Blake, GO, and Amanda doing the "Out on a Ledge" skit

Stephen giving his testimony

Pastor Linhardt took some time to play with Exodus

Yesterday most of our teens went on outreach to the Linhardt's church in Pueblo. This outreach was awesome! We outreached all around Pueblo, hitting many neighborhoods. At one point, Elena knocked on someone's door and a woman answered. When Elena invited her to the concert and Sunday services, the woman began crying and told Elena that she was a heroin addict, but her son was on fire for God and in college. Elena and a few teens in that area all prayed for her, and later she came to the concert with her husband and they both got saved! Praise God! At the concert later that night, Exodus performed and Tim, Blake, G.O., and Amanda did the "Out on a Ledge" skit. We had hot dogs, too. This outreach was awesome for Pueblo! A lot of people seemed open to coming to the church, and I look forward to seeing fruit in Pueblo.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Chantel - when we helped j.b and gail move, when tim got maced, aaron jumped off s uhaul truck and crank that buzzlightyear.

Taylor L - getting thrown into the pool by chad and joel at PBC!

Brianna - the giant water fight at pastor sanchez's house.

Chad - playing underground church and camp.


Gabby - my fav. so far would be natalies b - day party when we acted things out. It's nice to see them out of thier "shell" and bieng a little crazy.

Blake - when we did the buzz lightyear dance at gabby's party the look on Tyler's face was funny.
Youth drama team practicing!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sat. the fourteeeenth!

We had a great service Saturday night!

Our Drama Without a Name did their thing - sam, stephen, and blake stood as manikins wishing they could have life. A local shopper caught them talking and shared how they could have life, and life everlasting! Unfortunately, Betty Manikin was swayed by her fellow manikins who reminded her "We're Your Family Now".

Tyler preached a FANTASTIC sermon! He spoke about the power of what we believe! And how the gospel is so powerful and it can save ANYONE no matter how far they've gone into sin! We have to realize that what we believe is very precious and we have to treat it as precious! He ended with driving in that the proof of the gospel and salvation is our very own lives, We Are The Proof!

Don't forget to take flyers with you to school and the tickets for our Christmas plays! The gospel is powerful and it's up to us to spread it!

After youth everyone shuffled into the Whiting's humble abode and partied down! There was a mixture of spoons, mancala, spades, cake, chatting, and all around fun! We definitely know how to have a good time! Thanks to Mrs.Rebecca for opening up her home and a very happy birthday to Richard!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

What's Goin' Down

November 16th - 21st

Monday the 16th: Drama 7pm

Wednesday the 18th: Service 7pm
Thursday the 19th: Stephen Richardson's birthday party

Friday the 20th: Breakaway's Thanksgiving Dinner
(No Bible study)

Saturday the 21st: Outreach to Pueblo, 1pm - 8pm, bring money for dinner
(No youth service)

Birthdays this week: Richard Whiting, the 18th

This is one of those,"You had to be there," moments... So next time, BE THERE!!!!!

Natalie's sweet 16

Natalie's party was great! the theme was an enchanted evening, and that it was. everyone dressed up and came ready to have fun. we played games and ate delicious food from mrs.trujillo. who we all wanted to thank for the wonderfull food. stephen chantel and gabby all sported thier chucks along with thier handsom and beautiful outfits. well there was a great turnout and we all had a blast. HAPPY SWEET 16 NATALIE!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Be In The Know.

November 9-14 Announcements.

Monday the 9th: Drama 7:00 P.M.

Wednesday the 11th: Service 7:00 P.M.

Friday the 13th: Natalie Trujillo's Sweet 16 8:00-12:00 P.M.
Theme - An Enchanted Evening
Attire: Dress Formal

Saturday the 14th: Outreach to Brighton, CO
Meet at the church at 1:00 P.M.
Those going on outreach will be back in time youth

Saturday the 14th: Youth Service 6:00 P.M.

Saturday the 14th: Party at the Whiting's Home After Youth Service
Girls Bring Soda
Guys Bring Chips

The "Everything Skit"

The Cast

Back in the drama room there is a nice tall filing cabinet. In that filing cabinet there is script after script of skits from way back before youth was ever started, then more from the early 90's, and then a few recent skits. For those that have been in the church for a number of years we get to know the skits and when you bring up one like "The Train Skit" you hear a slight groan from many who have seen it so much they could act out the whole thing by themselves. But there is one skit that while it can be exhausting for the cast who've acquired numerous purple and blue spots on their arms and legs during this intense play - it's message is still powerful after watching it 10 times in a row!

Most of us youth did get pretty tired of the Everything Skit during PBC. During practice last night I was talking with Gabby and we both said how we missed it (even though its been what 4 months - and for those who went to Denver not even that long). I don't know about anyone else but last night i was SO excited to see it again! The Farmington Fanatics did it proud!

I finally got to video tape it and upload it to YouTube!
It's not perfect - but at least its something :0)

For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome Tyler & Shaunna!

God has truly blessed us with great leaders for the past two years, and once again He has truly given our youth the cream of crop to lead us from here on out! All of us teens as a whole are super excited about having Tyler, Shaunna, and their four children to jump into Remnant Youth as our leaders! God is gonna take us far! We can't wait to see what He does in us next!