Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Winner Is...

It was close but the winner of this fundraiser's cookie decorating contest was Daniella!!!!! She really made the most adorable cookies i've ever seen! You should have seen the "ooo's" and "ahhhh's" when she brought those amazing flowers and butterflies into the kitchen!

Due to the many outreachs come talk to me about receiving your prize! You win an item from the snack bar! Yummy Yum!

Stay tuned for your chance to win a snack bar item for FREE!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bible Study: The Lo-Down

For the past month we have been having tremendous Bible Study's! We have been going over the basics of "What We Believe" to include backing up that the Bible is God Breathed and that we do not have Eternal Security once we get saved.

During these nights Tyler has given out verses for us to study and know for the following week. Then we have a "debate" of sorts, all of us against Tyler. Tyler being the man who believes the Bible is man written and in the theory of once saved always saved. We all have a chance to be involved, reading our scripture and proving the truth! At the same time no one is put on the spot and we all come out truly understanding What We Believe!

If you haven't been able to make it to a Bible Study I strongly encourage you to make it a priority! It isn't just a youth get together. We are going deep into the simple things, the things that are really very important. And at the same time creating strong relationships with one another in a smaller living room setting!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Youth Spotlight: Robert V.

It's Thursday! Time for another spotlight on one of our amazing youth! This week we have Robert showing us how to rap it up! If anyone feels the urge to video themselves (or robert) rappin it...i'm sure there is praise due! But even as just words and spaces, its pretay kule!


This youth is strong,bold and courageous
writtin are life story
just keep flipin those pages
some had hurt, pain, and sorrow
not knowing if they would see the light of tomorrow
but Gods love, joy, and peace came in
washed us in the blood and we had no sin
we were reborn, new life, new chapter
all that hurt and pain was covered in laughter
laughter stick-in
and after the
we stay to the smile
boldness comes in when we go to
work or school with are bible
people were offended when we sayed were a disciple
so were either courageous or crazy
lets stand up for Jesus and not be lazy
and this
this is for the youth on the blogspot
because that's the new hot spot

Robert .v

Bible Study @ the Craddock's

Here are directions to the Craddock's for bible study on the 29th

2537 Fairview Circle

Go north on Circle Drive past Maizeland, as Circle curves left, take a right on Fairview Circle. It's the first house on the left.
For all of you that need something visual, here is the link on Mapquest:

Don't forget, we start @ 7:00

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Post. You Decide.

Cookie Contest:

This week we had a cookie contest to ensure our fundraiser cookies being as cute as a button (or is some cases a butterfly)

The winner of the contest will receive a free item from the snack bar before our departure to Cheyenne! Please cast your vote for the cutest cookie!

sorry i know we missed pictures of some, but i think all the highlights are here and jordan, you made cupcakes so...

Thanks for the comments and for all the contenders!







are they hired?

Looking for a gift for YOUR special valentine?

We give you the dancing brothers!
You thought buying a spud would make you a stud - But Buying her a dancing act at your door will definitely make this Valentines anything but a bore!

The Dancing Brothers
Taking Orders Now

(they can deliver flowers too!)

simply comment below.

First PBC Fundraiser.

The first Pioneer Boot Camp Fundraiser went great! We sold many spuds and over one hundred people helped Mr.Potato Head find his identity! What i love about these fundraisers is that they are really a blast! When everyone works (which we really do!) the boring stuff gets done fast and the memories last and last!

Many more fundraisers to come! On deck is the Valentines Banquet! The entire week of the banquet we will be setting up all the pretty stuff and need everyone's help! It is going to be a blast so don't miss out!

Thanks again to everyone who helped!!!!

Riding The Slopes.

Last Monday Remnant Youth ventured into the known hills of Ski Cooper! We all got hooked up to our boards and rode those mountains like they were our own, well most of us :0). We had pros and newbies. Many of the first timers picked it up like eating cereal others got off to a rocky start and it stayed that way most of the day. But all in all i commend every first timer that went! It's hard but if you stick to it, it is sooooo worth it in the end! Here are a few pictures, wish i had more of normal snowboarders but these are definitely cool! Thanks Tim for providing many of the pics!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I Can't Spell Today

So... There's a lot going on this week...

  • Monday, January 25th: Drama practice, for the Valentine's dinner theatre, 6:30pm

  • Tuesday, January 26th: Drama practice, for the Valentine's dinner theatre, 6:30pm

  • Wednesday, January 27th: Church service, 7pm

  • Friday, January 29th: Bible Study at the Craddock's house, 7pm

  • Saturday, January 30th: Youth outreach to Cheyenne, Wyoming, 8:30am to 11:30pm

P.S. - Please comment on our posts, it makes the bloggers feel special and warm inside :D

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Coming To A Computer Near You!

Snowboarding Buzz
Cookie Contest Contestants

Youth Questionaire

Saturday Nightlife
Bible Study: Up to Date

And More!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Super Saturdays!

Saturday Night Tyler preached an eye-opening message on the simple message of Jesus' blood, how He died on the cross, and how big of a true sacrifice that for our sinful soles. God is so good to us to give the world the thing that meant the most to Him! If you missed this service you missed great night!

after service we had a soccer championship.
seven teams. one ball. one champion.
In The End. Chantel's Team Took The Bacon (could it be early birthday luck?)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Packin Up.

Snowboarding This Monday!!!!

If you've never been before you might be wondering...What do i need? So here is a simplified list. This is just for the actually day of snowboarding don't forget your "sleepover stuff...including a toothbrush!"
The List:
1) Water Proof Everything!
- This includes Pants, Coat, and GLOVES (gloves are mighty important
2) Layer
- I advice a t-shirt, long sleeve, jacket, and then waterproof coat - You can always unlayer
3) Hat
- Make sure your ears are covered
4) Thick Socks
- Girls can wear tights if you prefer as well - But it gets cold in your boots!
5) Sunglasses (or goggles)
- Rumor has it your eyes can get sunburnt and its good to have them just in case!
6) Chapstick and Sun Block
- Prevents raccoon eyes
7) Lunch - The slopes can be an expensive place to buy lunch so we advice you bring your own or ask grannie for some dough! - Don't forget the liquids, you will be thirsty!
8) Change of Clothes
- If you're like me and can't stand to be wet, a change of clothes might come in handy for the ride home but i guarantee you the pros WILL be wearing their gear all day long

For The Heavy Packers:
if you have really weak wrists you might want to bring a wrap for them
snacks for the ride up and ride home
a camera...who knows when someone might snowball down the hill!

See Yal On The Slopes!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Youth Showcase: Trent Craddock

It is clear: We Have THE Best Youth Group. period.

So to emphasize that we thought we'd showcase some of the talents of the Remnant Clan every Thursday.

Here today we have a custom piece by Trent Craddock

(yes THE Trent Craddock)

To all the rest of the youth, start thinking of your "skills"

because i will be texting you for some goods soon!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday, January 11th: Youth drama, 7pm
Wednesday, January 13th: Church, 7pm, snowboarding money due!!!
Friday, January 15th: Youth Bible Study, 7pm

Saturday, January 16th: Youth Service, 6pm

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


-Drama every monday night at 7! (except for 18th)
-Every friday bible study at puvis'! (29 bible study at Craddock's house)
-On the 16th fun after service!
-Wednesday the 13th money due for snowboarding!
( 12 - 14 yrs. $17 lift ticket $25 board rental=$42)
(15 - up $30 lift ticket $25 board rental = $55)
- Monday 18th snowboarding at cooper!
-Sunday 24th youth fundraiser after service.
-Saturday 30th capture the flag ( 10:00 A.M.) village inn after service bring $$


Annabelle P. - 13th
Taylor L. - 16th
Chantel M. - 17th
Amanda Z. - 27th


O.K. so we had our first service of the year and it was awsome! Chad preached an awsome service. Tyler and Chad also shared some great memories of thier past :) Along with Chad preaching came the bad news that Chad,Marie, and shyy will no longer be leaders. this was followed by wonderful news of our new leaders Josh, Alainna, Chantel. and Joel. After all the excitement we played tug of war and jump rope! (pics coming soon!) What a great way to start off the year!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is Here, and So Are We!

Happy New Year Remnant Youth! We stand faced before a year of unknown territory. We don't know what mountains and valleys we might face, unseen are smooth roads as well as treacherous paths. Yet whatever difficulties lie before us, God Word says that He always leads us in triumph in Christ, so no matter what 2010 may bring, it is ours for the taking! We can drift through this year and let whatever happens happen; or better yet, we can drive through it and take the kingdom of heaven by force. We are a people of purpose, of vision, and of destiny. Don't be content with just getting by, we are intended to be more than conquerors! Remember that Christ didn't just give us eternal life, but has given us all things. Nothing is impossible for us because nothing is impossible for our God. He will show Himself strong to those who love Him and trust in Him. So when you find yourself in the midst of struggles and uncertainty, you can either look at them as obstacles, or as stepping stones to greater things. Let this year be a year of victory and fruitfulness for each of us; one we can look back at in a year and say, "Look what our God has done!" Victory is ours.