Thursday, December 31, 2009


Heres a concept...get an object, it could even be a cookie sheet as Tim proved to us, sit on the top of an icy hill and HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! Who woulda thunk it to be so easy to have sooooo much fun!

This was quite possibly the best sledding trip VWO Youth Groups have ever seen! We loaded into not one, not two, but three vans (thats a whole lotta people) and headed into the unknown depths of the great Woodland Park! We hit up two sledding spots - both were super duperly fun, and we zoomed down hills at frightfully fast speeds.

Memorable highlights:

- Blake climbing up the REALLY big hill with lots of trees that God didn't really intend for sledding and then blazed down the dirt/snow filled hill inevitably hitting a tree. ouch.

- Robert saved annabelle's life. no joke. a sled with a hefty person went zooming down the icy slope both the rider and annabelle not paying much attention. Everyone screamed "Annabelle" and in the knick of time robert ran in grabbed her jacket and became a real life hero.

- Little Josh through the hamster. that was sad.

- Numerous poor folk were white washed to their end.

- At the end everyone decided to make a line grab hands....3 2 1 take off... see video!

If you didn't go you should have! If you know why!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Monday, December 28th: There is drama practice, at 7pm, to get ready for the New Year's Eve service

Tuesday, December 29th: Sledding! Be at the church at 10am with a lunch and your sled/toboggan/trash can lid, and have a ride ready at the church at 1pm.

Wednesday, December 30th: There is NO church service on Wednesday night, however, there is on Thursday night.

Thursday, December 31st: New Year's Eve service, baptismal service, and chili and pie cook off. There will be awesome music and drama, so don't miss out! Come join us, and make a new commitment to serve God in 2010.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We all had a blast singing and that i know of all were happy to see us. It was a blessing and a lot of fun!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Party

The Christmas party on Saturday night was a fun time of food, games, and hanging out with friends. The night started with food, then we had a relay race, then a toilet paper snow man contest, and a gingerbread house contest. To end the night, we revealed our Secret Santas and opened presents. It was a nice evening.

Wow! Look at all of those presents!

food and fellowship

In line for the relay race

Shyy telling the rules

Haha they had to put vaseline on their foreheads

They had to use teamwork to wrap a present

Still waiting to start

Wrap that present!

Christmas is coming! Hurry!

Ewww get this stuff off me!


Next game: Toilet paper snowmen!

Haha that's Taylor!

I think this is Esme...

Wow. They said this snow man is in Broken.....

Somehow, this snow man won.....

Look! It's Chantel! Haha

Gingerbread House Contest:
Teamwork.... There was none here.

They had fun making theirs

The cutest one

They made a football stadium and Tyler said it won.

What happened here?!
Trent won the wrapping paper contest.


Winding down for the night.

THE WINNER IS............

(the first person confessed to cheating on 1)
congrats! you will soon have your prize( as soon as i come back ha ha)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Keep Trying

hey guys no one has even givin me a few answers at least try! i have gotten no answers yet! OK so i just quizzed Hannah and she got most of them so........ if a 9 yr. old can do it then i am sure you can!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fun thing of the week

Alright guy's this is what you have to do. below are a few quotes, you have to guess what Christmas movie they are from without cheating this means no asking other people or looking online!

whoever is the first to do it by monday night 5:30 P.M. wins! ( and gets a prize!)

#1 "This little green one here seems to need a home."I don't care. We'll decorate it and it'll be just right for our play. Besides, I think it needs me."

#2 "You stink. You smell like beef and cheese! You don't smell like Santa. "

#3 "Kids are scared of the dark. You're afraid of the dark, too, Marv"

#4 " I must stop Christmas from coming... but how? I MEAN - in what way? "

#5 "You'll never fit in! Now you come to elf practice, learn how to wiggle your ears, chuckle warmly, go hee-hee and ho-ho, and important stuff like that. A dentist! Good grief!" I think it's a handsome nose. Much better than that false one you were wearing."

#6 "Come in! Come in, and know me better, man!"

Alright good luck and NO CHEATING!

Monday, December 14, 2009

This Week

With Christmas less than two weeks away, the kids' play and "Major Dailey's Christmas Homecoming" behind us, there's not much planned for the youth this week. On Friday, there is Bible Study at Tyler and Shaunna's house, at 7pm, and this Saturday is the youth Christmas party, at 6pm. BE THERE! Those participating in the Secret Santa are exchanging their last gifts at the party, so DO NOT FORGET!!! And if you have yet to deliver any more presents to your Secret Santa before Saturday, get that done this Wednesday at church, 7pm.

Haha G.O. and Jeremy before the play on Saturday night.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pictures for movie marathon night!!!!!

getting comftorable!

well we know who the favorite is...

gloria shhh we are watching a movie


Be quiet kate is concentrating
Hi Mrs.Marie

Of course all the guys are in the kitchen.


"hmmm barbeque chips or doritos?"

Someone call 9-1-1 blake just got slammed!

Where is my spotter!!!!

"simba has been born!!!!"

WOW!! what a color difference!


not going to ask...

G.O your okay be a man!!

sorry for the repeat , computer glitch

Simba stay still your making this hard!

sorry another repeat!

one....two....three....WHAT IS THAT!!!!!

SMILE! (you too rachel)

nice joel!

Well as you can see we had a great time.... hopefully you can make it to the next youth event. also CHRISTMAS IS IN 18 DAYS!!!!!!!