Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, New Youth! GET READY FOR A LONG POST! :-)

Tonight was the first service of 2012. and Alot of Changes were made! and don't worry, they weren't bad... but before I go into those let me summarize what happened at youth tonight for those who missed.

Chad preached a message on Our Mind and Our Thoughts. In this sermon he talked about how our mind is the devils battle field, and we can't allow our thoughts to dictate our lives and what we do. He ended with the FACT that God can give you victory over your mind and your thoughts, and peace along with it. At the end almost everyone went down to the altar to pray for victory over their thoughts.

After the altar call, everyone went back to their seats to hear all of the announcements...
1.) Chris Ritchie and Shyy are going to be youth leaders!
2.) Starting next week, we are only going to have two youth services a month... the other two weeks there will be bible study. It will be on an every other week basis... One week we will have youth, the next week we will have bible study, youth, bible study, etc. The bible studies will be held at three different places. Chad and Marie's home, Josh and Alainna's home, and Shyy's home. Depending on whose house you live closer to, for your convenience.
3.) On the last youth service of every month, we are going to have what is called, until furthur notice when we come up with a better name... The Gathering! This is where all of the youth groups from our pioneer churches in close proximity to our church come for a big youth service. It's kind of like a youth rally once a month!
4.)Do you remeber ever seeing the Newsletters "In Your Face" from the youth groups of the past? They were filled with stories, polls, surveys questionaires and picture? Well.... We are bringing it back!!! Next month, the first issue of the OnEightYouth "In Your Face" newsletter will be available.
5.) For everyone on the drama team, practices will be moved from Monday nights to Thursday nights.
Then we headed over to Burger King for some nice fun, food, and fellowship.
1.)On Friday night there is a prayer meeting at the church from 6:00-7:00... Afterwards, we will all head over to the World Arena for the CC Hockey game. It's $9 at the door. But, you have to find your own ride there.
2.)On Saturday night after youth we will be playing soccer, so bring some shorts and running shoes so you don't mess up your nice clothes.

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